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Read Write Inc. Phonics: Green Word Cards The Phonics Green Word Cards Help Children Read Decodable Words Containing The Sounds They Are Learning One Side Of The Card Includes Dots And Dashes To Show The Graphemes In The Word This Highlights The Sounds The Children Are Learning And Helps Them Blend Those Sounds Together To Read The Word The Other Side Of The Card Shows The Word On Its Own To Help Children Gain Fluency When Reading The Words Independently Over 300 Words Are Included, Which Not Only Helps Children Practise Reading The Words They Will Meet In The Storybooks And Non Fiction Books, But Also Develops Their Vocabulary, And Supports Them With The Wider Curriculum And Reading For Pleasure The Green Word Cards Are Part Of The Wider Read Write Inc Phonics Programme, Developed By Ruth Miskin The Programme Is Designed To Create Fluent Readers, Confident Speakers And Willing Writers It Includes Handbooks, Sounds Cards, Storybooks, Non Fiction, Writing Books And An Online Resource Read Write Inc Is Fully Supported By Comprehensive Professional Development From Ruth Miskin Training.

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