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The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober: Discovering a happy, healthy, wealthy alcohol-free life


Fascinating Bryony Gordon

Not Remotely PreachyThe Times

Jaunty, Shrewd And ConvincingSunday Telegraph

Admirably Honest, Light, Bubbly And Remarkably Rarely Annoying Alice O Keeffe, Guardian

Truthful, Modern And Real Stylist

Brave, Witty And Brilliantly Written Marie Claire

Ever Sworn Off Alcohol For A Month And Found Yourself Drinking By The 7th Think There S No Point In Just One Drink Welcome There Are Millions Of Us 64% Of Brits Want To Drink Less.Catherine Gray Was Stuck In A Hellish Whirligig Of Drink, Make Horrible Decisions, Hangover, Repeat She Had Her Fair Share Of Drunk Tank Jail Cells And Topless In A Hot Tub Misadventures.But This Book Goes Beyond The Binges And Blackouts To Deep Dive Into Uncharted Territory What Happens After You Quit Drinking This Gripping, Heart Breaking And Witty Book Takes Us Down The Rabbit Hole Of An Alternative Reality A Life With Zero Hangovers, Through Sober Weddings, Sex, Christmases And Breakups In The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober, Catherine Gray Shines A Light On Society S Drink Pushing And Talks To Top Neuroscientists And Psychologists About Why We Drink, Delving Into The Science Behind What It Does To Our Brains And Bodies.Muchthan A Tale From The Netherworld Of Addicted Drinking, This Book Is About The Escape, And Why A Sober Life Can Beintoxicating Than You Ever Imagined Whether You Re A Hopelessly Devoted Drinker, Merely Sober Curious, Or You Ve Already Ditched The Drink, You Will Love This Book.

Haunting, Admirable And EnlighteningThe Pool

A Riveting, Raw, Yet Humorous Memoir With Actionable Advice A Truly Unique Blend Of Storytelling And Science That Holds A Universe Of Hope Annie Grace, Author Of This Naked Mind

Like Listening To Your Best Friend Teach You To Be Sober Lighthearted But Serious, It S Packed With Ideas, Tools, Tips And, Most Importantly, Reasons For Living A Sober Life This Book Is Excellent Eric Zimmer, Host Of Podcast The One You Feed

Gray S Fizzy Writing Succeeds In Making This Potentially Boring As Hell Subject Both Engaging And Highly Seductive The Bookseller

Catherine Gray Is An Exceptional Writer Her Exquisitely Crafted Thoughts On The Joys Of Being Sober Are Not Only Deeply Honest And Pragmatic, But She Manages To Infuse Tons Of Humor This Is A Delightful, Informative, And Compelling Read For All Those Who Are Sober Or Seeking Sobriety Sasha Tozzi, Huffington Post Columnist

Catherine S Writing Style And Voice Captivate Me She Has A Way Of Translating Her Story Into An Experience I Don T Want To End I Want To Drink Every Drop She Produces Holly Whitaker, Founder Of Hip Sobriety School And Co Presenter Of Home Podcast

This Book Is Great A Balanced, Informative And Entertaining M Lange Of Memoir, Sociology And Psychology I Identified Very Strongly With Huge Sections Of It Jon Stewart, Guitarist Of Sleeper And Leaving AA, Staying Sober Blogger

Sober Is Too Often Equated With Sombre In Our Culture Gray S Book Turns That Idea On Its Head Her Experience Of Sobriety Is Joyful And Life Affirming A Must Read For Anyone Who Has A Nagging Suspicion That Alcohol May Be Taking Awaythan It S Giving Hilda Burke, Psychotherapist And Couples Counsellor

Catherine Gray Really Captures The FUN We Can Have In Sobriety This Book Challenges The Status Quo Sobriet Sounds As Liberating As Taking A Trip To The Jungle Fun And Inspirational What An Important Book For Our Time A Joy To Read Samantha Moyo, Founder Of Morning Gloryville

If You Want To Hit Refresh On Life, You Need This Book Consider The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober Your Healthy New Addiction Kate Faithfull Williams, Former Health Editor Of Grazia, Co Author Of The Feelgood Plan And Hey, Where Did My Day Go Blogger

This Book Is A Gamechanger Everyone Deserves To Have Catherine Hold Their Hand As They Navigate The New World Of Not Drinking Whether Exploring Alcohol Free Periods Or Going For Full On Sobriety And This Book Enables Just That Wise, Funny Bring The Undeniable Joys Of A Sober Lifestyle To Light In A Non Preachy, Honest And Accessible Way I Am Very Excited That Her Words Have Come Into The World At A Time That Calls For So Many Of Us To Wake Up And Liveconsciously My Heart Is Bursting At The Thought Of How Many Lives This Book Will Go On To Positively And Profoundly Affect Joanne Bradford, Co Author OfThe Inner Fix And Founder Of Motherheart

Catherine Gray Is An Award Winning Writer And Editor She Has Worked On Staff For Magazines Such As Cosmopolitan, GLAMOUR And The Sun S Fabulous Supplement She Has Written As A Freelancer For Publications Like Stylist, Marie Claire, YOU, Women S Health, Grazia, The Guardian, Shortlist, BBC Earth, Emerald Street, Heat And The Daily Mail.When She S Not Writing, Catherine Can Generally Be Found Trying To Do Crow Pose In Yoga And Failing, Watching Low Brow TV Meant For American Teens, Chatting Up Cute Dogs In The Park, Or Spending Money On Holidays When She Should Be Saving It.Find Outabout Catherine Gray On Twitter And Instagram Unexpectedjoyof.